Cabin For Sale  $12,500

Town of Bradford, Steuben Co., NY

Situated on 48 acres owned by Cotton-Hanlon (C-H #158)

Surrounded on four sides by Bradford State Forest!



Are you looking for a turn-key opportunity to have your very own cabin? Are you looking for a QUIET location, and when I say quiet I mean the nearest structure is several thousand feet away over a hill. The cabin will be sold with all the following items included:

  • Generator (brand new) with remote control. 

  • Gas stove and lanterns throughout. There is a 40 and two 20 lb gas bottles. 

  • There is a gas heater that runs by thermostat. 

  • The floor has spray foam insulation to keep the cold and moisture out. 

  • The cabin has been wired with outlets throughout and hooked to generator. 

  • The cabin has a water collection system (250 gallons of rainwater). It has a pump and a hot water heater.  

  • The land is freshly posted.

  • There are 3 cameras with lock boxes and lithium ion batteries located at various locations. Who knows what surprises you'll find on them. Plus Jeff can provide some monster buck pics from previous years. 

  • There is a bunk with a new mattress on top. Pillows, blankets, sheets and such go with it. 

  • It has a LED TV. It is wired with a directv dish that is pointed and confirmed.

  • There are pots, pans, silverware, storage bins, cabinets, a dining table and chairs. 

  • It has a chainsaw and a weed wacker.

  • Check out this webpage for more pictures of the cabin both inside and out.

Terms and Conditions


This cabin is currently owned by Jeff Ackler who leases the land from Cotton-Hanlon. The way this will work is you will purchase the cabin from Jeff and at the same time you will sign a lease for the woodlot (current price is $1,374/yr) and also sign a cabin license (cost $50/yr). Under no circumstance will we allow the cabin to be sold without signing a lease nor will we allow a hunting lease to be signed without the cabin being sold!

This will be first come first served so act fast, we will NOT be placing this lease on the normal temporary hold while people are looking at it.

For a set of maps to go inspect the woodlot and the cabin please email Bob at Cotton-Hanlon ( )



The sale of the cabin will be negoiated with Jeff Ackler directly. He can be reached at or on his cell phone 407-720-7777. Once we know the sale is going we will work on signing the cabin license and hunting lease.


Contact cabin owner

If you have any questions about the cabin or you would like to discuss the purchase please contact Jeff Ackler directly. He can be reached at or on his cell phone 407-720-7777. 

Questions about the hunting lease please call or email Bob O'Brien at Cotton-Hanlon ( ) or 607-594-4600





SALE Pending..... (6-20-2016)

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