SOLD 4/5/18

Cabin For Sale  $500

Town of Newfield, Tompkins Co., NY

Situated on 34 acres owned by Cotton-Hanlon (C-H #219)

Directly adjacent to Newfield State Forest!



Everything you need in a hunting cabin, warm and dry! It's noting fancy but it has two bunk beds (sleeps 4) and room for a kitchen area with a few charis. Add your own propane heater and you will to toasty. The location is perfect, this woodlot is sandwiched between agriculture fields and State Forest. Here's the opportunity to have your very own cabin.

Terms and Conditions


This cabin is currently owned by Cotton-Hanlon. The way this will work is you will purchase the cabin from C-H and at the same time you will sign a lease for the woodlot (current price is $1,021/yr) and also sign a cabin license (cost $50/yr). Under no circumstance will we allow the cabin to be sold without signing a lease nor will we allow a hunting lease to be signed without the cabin being sold!

This will be first come first served so act fast, we will NOT be placing this lease on the normal temporary hold while people are looking at it.

For a set of maps to go inspect the woodlot and the cabin please email Bob at Cotton-Hanlon ( )



The cabin will be sold to the new lessee for $500 (firm).


Contact cabin owner

If you have any questions about the cabin or the hunting lease please call or email Bob O'Brien at Cotton-Hanlon ( ) or 607-594-4600

Hunting Lease

More details about the hunting lease including some aerial images can be found here <Click> scroll almost all the way to the bottom.





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