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The Hunting Lease



Terms and Conditions


You would be leasing the year round exclusive recreational rights to the woodlot including the right to:


  1. Post the land and therefore you know who is on the land with you.

  2. Place a camping trailer on the property during the hunting seasons.

  3. Go out there during the summer to camp and hike around with the family.


The Lease runs for a three year term with the option to renew at the end.





Cost depends on the number of acres in the lease. The cost schedule is on a sliding scale, so the more you lease the lower the cost per acre.


Example Costs:

25 acres    $838/yr

50 acres    $1,504/yr

100 acres  $2,828/yr

200 acres  $5,106/yr




  1. You and your group will have the exclusive hunting rights to a woodlot.

  2. Once you lease a woodlot you can post it and call it your "own". There are no financial hardships associated with buying land. The lease fee is comparable to what you would have to pay in property taxes.

  3. Year-round recreation enjoyment; deer hunting in the fall, a quiet place to hunt turkey in the spring, a private place to camp with the family during the summer.

  4. We own all of the land ourselves you are not dealing with some third-party company. All decisions are made by us.





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