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Sample bylaws for your hunting club


Whatever you want to call them; bylaws, club rules or constitution your club needs them. It doesn't matter if it's only 4 people or 40 take the time to set up some rules to help guide you and your group through tough times (you never need them when things are going well).




Sample Hunting Camp Rules

Of the ______________________ Hunting Camp


Article I. Name and Purpose


Section 1. Name: This organization shall be called the ________________ hunting camp.


Section 2. Purpose: The purpose of this organization is to promote wildlife conservation, safe, responsible, ethical hunting, fellowship with other members, and friendly relations with our neighbors.


Article II. Membership


Section 1. Number of Members: Membership in the ______________________ hunting camp shall be limited to _________________ members.


Section 2. Family membership: Each membership consists of the member, spouse, and any children 18 years of age and younger. Children between the ages of 19 and 22 will be considered a family member if they are enrolled in college full time.


Section 3. New members: In order to become a new member of the _________________ hunting camp, a person must be recommended by an existing member, receive a majority of votes from existing members attending the fall membership meeting, and serve a one-season probationary period. Following the probationary period, the prospective member will be accepted as a fulltime member by a majority vote at the next membership meeting.


Section 4. Dues: Members will share equally in the expense of the lease. The Treasurer will determine annual dues after receiving notice of the lease fee. Each member’s dues must be paid in full by _________________, or their membership is forfeited.


Section 5. Meetings: At least one meeting of the general membership will be held each year in the fall before hunting season. This meeting shall also be a camp workday. Any member not attending the annual workday shall pay the Treasurer ____________ dollars.


Article III. Officers

Section 1. Officers and Their Duties Officers of the _____________________ hunting camp shall consist of the following:

(a) The President shall preside over meetings and serve as the primary contact with the landowner.

(b) The Vice-President shall assist the president, and perform the duties of the president in his absence.

(c) The Secretary shall maintain minutes of the meeting.

(d) The Treasurer shall maintain the camp’s financial matters, including collecting dues and paying the annual lease fee.

(e) The Camp Master is responsible for setting up the camp, insuring new members are informed of the camp rules and making sure each member obeys all safety rules.


Section 2. Elections: Election of officers shall be held every two years during the annual fall meeting. Any member can present nominations for each office. Elections will be decided by a simple majority of members present. Each office will be voted in the order listed in Article III, section 1.


Section 3. Eligibility of Voters: Each member is entitled to one vote except the President, who votes only in a tie.


Section 4. Term of Office: The term of office shall be two years and shall begin immediately after election.


Section 5. Vacancies: In the event an office becomes vacant, nominations shall be asked for and a vote held to fill the unexpired term at the next membership meeting.


Article IV. Removal of Membership


Section 1. Removal

A member will removed from the camp for the following reasons:

1.1 Failure to pay annual dues

1.2 Any action which is unsafe or reflects dishonor and disgrace on the club.


The Camp Master shall hold a hearing in the event of any action under Article IV, section 1.2 and make a recommendation to the President on continuation of membership. A member is removed by a majority vote of the officers of the camp.


Article V. Guests


Section 1. Number of guests and fees A member is entitled to bring _____ guest per day, with a maximum of ________days per hunting season. A member will be assessed a fee of ________ per day for a guest.


Section 2. Notification of Rules for a Guest A member is responsible for making sure their guest is aware of and obeys camp rules.


Article VI. Method of Amending Camp Rules


Camp Rules may be amended at any regular membership meeting by a 2/3 vote of those members present. Proposed amendments to the Camp Rules shall be sent to the membership at least 30 days prior to the meeting.






I. All members and guests will practice the 10 Commandments of Gun Safety


1. Treat every gun with the respect due a loaded gun.

2. Watch that Muzzle! Carry your gun safely. Keep safety on until ready to shoot.

3. Unload Guns when not in use; take down or have actions open. Guns should be carried in cases to shooting area.

4. Be sure barrel is clear of obstructions and that you have ammunition only of the proper size for the gun you carry.

5. Be sure of the target before you pull the trigger. Know identifying features of the game you hunt.

6. Never point a gun at anything you do not want to shoot. Avoid all horseplay.

7. Never climb a tree or fence or jump a ditch with a loaded gun. Never pull a gun toward you by the muzzle.

8. Never shoot a bullet at a flat, hard surface or water. At target practice, be sure your backstop is adequate.

9. Store guns and ammunition separately beyond the reach of children.

10. Avoid alcoholic beverages before or during shooting.


II. Members will obey all wildlife laws. Conviction of a wildlife violation will result in immediate dismissal from the camp.


III. All campfires must be attended. If a fire escapes, all members present must help control it. The Camp Master will be responsible for notifying the authorities.


IV. Members are responsible for the behavior of their guests. Any guest who breaks a camp rule, is unsafe or unruly, will be asked to leave.


V. Stands should be at least 200 yards apart, or completely out of sight of each other. The Camp Master will settle disputes over stand locations. The Camp Master’s decision is final.


VI. All stands must be removed following hunting season.


VII. No littering. All trash will be placed in the camp trash receptacle and removed from the site when camp is broken.


VIII. Consuming alcoholic beverages while hunting is prohibited. If you drink, you must remain in camp

(camp rules are reprinted with permission from Potlatch Corp. A pdf can be found here )

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